Propane blues

My plans for homebrewing as a way to pass time here has been stymied by struggles to get propane hooked up. After I got a tank, I couldn’t attach my burner to the tank regulator. Nigeria propane tanks don’t use the standard regulator so I had to rig something with hose clamps. I finally get the burner hooked up to discover that I’m not able to get enough heat from it. It doesn’t burn with a nice tight blue flame but a soft yellow flame. I don’t know if there is a problem with the tank, the secondary regulator that came with the burner, or the burner itself, but until I get it figured out, I’m stuck with all this gear and ingredients.

We went out to the local market when the Eminent Wife was here and I saw some Mad Max style burners made out of rebar and wheel rims. I think I need to head out to the market and see if they work the way I’m expecting. I’d like to hope that it is a bad tank/regulator as opposed to Nigerian propane just running at low pressure.