3 Things for Thursday, January 28, 2016

  • Had a great bit of success at work today, a piece of writing came back with no edits and compliments. I might be getting the hang of it.
  • My Kindle is full.  WTF. I seriously think there is a glitch or something, there is no way I have 800+ items.
  • This is perhaps the best interview ever. Watch the raw footage first.

3 Things for Wednesday, January 27, 2016

  • Got Twilight Struggle today.
  • Am very happy I deleted Facebook from my phone
  • The Eminent Canine is done with his IV and appears to be back to normal health.  Still on a restricted diet for the next few days and will have blood work again this weekend.  About $400 in vet bills but that’s not bad considering we had Sunday service and then they kept him in-house Mon-Wed for IV treatment.

3 Things for Tuesday January 26, 2016

  • Nick Offerman was talking about being a performer during an interview. Got me thinking how much that applies to me and how little performance I have in the job right now.  Perhaps some of my struggles are due to that desire to be engaged rather than engaging.
  • Was talking about the stress associated with a previous supervisor today and realized that some of my problems with producing writing may also be due to his power trip games and how no matter what I wrote, he’d use it against me to demean and condescend to me.
  • Conversely, maybe I overanalyze and should note that I got some great feedback and appreciation from a colleague today.  I’ve only been on the job 5 months (with 5 to go!) and am still deep on the learning curve.

3 Things for Monday January 25, 2016

  • The Eminent Dog has blood poisoning from an overexcited pancreas due to eating fatty meat last weekend.  He’s been extremely sick, making messes from both ends, but is on an IV (!!) for a few days while we let his digestive system call down (i.e. starve him).  At least he gets to come home at night, hobbling around on three legs because the IV leg is bandaged up.
  • Still cold here but *slightly* warmer.
  • Country Negro Jam Session

3 Things for Sunday January 24, 2016

  • The Eminent Canine is sick but vet says it isn’t serious. He isn’t eating and throws up when he drinks water though, so am concerned about dehydration.
  • Missed a band jam today going to the vet
  • Have to start making spring break plans for Hawaii

3 Things for Friday, January 22, 2016


  • IMG_2147

    Seoul Winter Morning

  • My New Favorite Song: 
  • I really need to play my bass more.

3 things for Thursday, January 21, 2016

  • 30 years of coens – Entertainment – The Atlantic. Great filmmaking
  • I got really sad last night when I saw the “DIY lip and face scrub” the Eminent Child made for Mother’s Day last year.  Mother’s Day was May 8, less than 1 month before the aneurysm.  It just hits hard when you think about how proud I was to see the child and her friend making the presents for their moms and you realize how oblivious we were to how close the end was.
  • It’s still really frickin’ cold here. Hasn’t been above freezing for a couple days now. Predicted to last till Monday.

3 Things for Wednesday, January 20

  • I left one of my cast iron pans on the burner for over an hour the other day after cleaning it. I think I burned the seasoning off, so I’m trying to reseason now with crisco.  The flaxseed oil went rancid (smelled grossly fishy, ugh) so we’ll see how this turns out.
  • It’s friggin’ cold here.  5 degree F to start the day!
  • Got 4 new board games with gift cards: Dark Moon, Galaxy Trucker, Pandemic Legacy, Risk Legacy.  The legacy games have tremendous reputations but benefit from playing with the same group of people.  There may be a risk (get it?) that they never get played.  Also got “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, very excited to play.  Twilight Struggle is en route.

3 Things for Tuesday January 19, 2016

  • Wrapped the brisket in butcher paper and it turned out ok.  Was very cold yesterday and the smoker itself had trouble staying at temp, but it all worked out.
  • I don’t find personal worth in the performance of a group of obscenely paid athletes from a particular geographic location, but I do enjoy watching the games and it bums me out that Seattle and Minnesota are out of the playoffs.
  • I decided to participate in our photo clubs exhibition. Now need to pick a few shots and get them mounted.

3 Things for January 18, 2016

  • Woke up this morning to watch Seahawks’ playoff game, but the game started so bad for them I skipped ahead and ended up skipping to the end, took me all of 5 minutes.
  • The World As it Was in 1975.  Not going to say I wish it was like that now because I really benefit from cheap, quality communication, but this snapshot has a lot going for it.
  • Going to be bbqing some brisket and ribs today.