This blog is primarily maintained as a resource for family and friends who wish to keep tabs on me and my family. It isn’t designed to be a Foreign Service blog and I don’t really talk about work much, but those interested in life in the Foreign Service or perhaps even considering it for themselves may also find something of interest here.

Some background on me and my family. My extended family is from North Idaho and I lived there until high school, when I moved to suburban Minneapolis. I got a degree in anthropology from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis and Duluth) before getting an M.A. in anthropology at Western Washington University. At that time I was planning on continuing my graduate studies in evolutionary anthropology but was awarded an 18 month research scholarship by the Japanese Ministry of Education. That scholarship led to a Ph.D. from Kyoto University which in turn led to a full time college teaching gig in Osaka. I left that job to join the Foreign Service in March 2011.

My wife is Japanese. She’s got an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Oregon and her doctorate from Temple University via their program in Japan. She’s got more teaching experience and expertise in her pinky finger than most people get in a lifetime. She is continuing her teaching and research.

My daughter was born in 2003 and has no sense of the world as a vast and foreign place. She’s been a United Airlines Premier member since she was 2 and has been as many countries as she is years old. She is excited for me to join the Foreign Service so that she can finally spend more than a week or two in these new countries. Plus I told her that we might be able to get a dog or cat. I did get a cat before moving to Nigeria and she’s now contemplating a dog to add to the menagerie.  I’m thinking a couple of Jack Russell Terriers.

Hopefully its obvious but I should make it explicit that this is a personal blog and all the contents are personal opinions. Nothing written here is intended to represent anything other than one person’s own experiences, ideas, and thoughts. It in no way represents in any manner the position of the Foreign Service, the US Department of State, or the US government.

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