I am Alive – Movie Review

Just finished watching “I am alive“, a most excellent documentary on the survivors of the plane crash in the Andes in the early 1970s. It’s most famous because of the anthropophagy of the survivors. 16 of the 45 passengers and crew survived 72 days at altitude before 2 of them hiked out under incredible circumstances.

I’m a sucker for these stories, with Shackleton’s Endurance and Steven Callahan’s Adrift being among my all-time favorite stories. Indeed, even this blog’s namesake qualifies as a close kin to these feats of survival. This documentary is recommended for its use of survivor narrative and high-quality reenactment in a style very similar to “Touching the Void“, another bold classic of the genre.

I get emotionally overwhelmed when I read or watch these stories of normal people pushed beyond civilized limits simply by the refusal to die. Time and again we see the theme of their performance motivated not by an innate sense of heroism but by the simple calculation that the only other option was to quit and die. This indomitability of spirit fascinates me.

Highly Recommended

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