First Smoke

Did my first smoke today, a rack of ribs and a small whole chicken. Brined the chicken for 4 hours with salt, sugar, onion and garlic powders, then a dusting of dry Salt Lick rub. I don’t know much about rubs but this was proudly given to me as a gift from a Texan friend, so I went with it. I went light on the rub on the chicken because I’d overdone it on the ribs. I cut the skirt and the flappy end (not the brisket bone end, but the other end) in a pseudo SLC; the brisket bone was still present and I didn’t want to attempt to cut through it up on that end. I had to cut the flap end off because my smoker isn’t wide enough to accommodate it. Cooked the skirt a bit too long but it was still tasty. The ribs themselves were quite good, perhaps a bit drier than ideal. Totally forgot to take pics of ANY of the process though.

The chicken was crazy good. Wasn’t getting good temp readings even after two hours and pulled it, but then could tell the meat needed more, so wrapped it in foil (had sliced and pulled it a bit) and stuck it back in for another hour. That did the trick. The foil was FULL of juices.

The wife made up a macaroni salad and a can of beans and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. Not a bad first attempt at all, I’d say.

I added chips twice after the initial deposit on my Masterbuilt 30″. I started the ribs about 8:30 AM, then the chicken went in around noon. I added more chips at noon, pulled the ribs at 1:45, then a few more chips when I put the wrapped chicken back in.


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