Phones in Korea

The transition to Korea went fairly easy but getting my iPhone hooked up was far more difficult than I was anticipating. I was foresighted enough to pay for unlocked iPhones last year when we moved to the U.S. and I’d hoped that it would be as easy as walking into a shop and signing up. I should have known that there would be more to it when I learned that it is more or less impossible to buy a SIM in Japan to put in your own phone. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad here but it took a few weeks to find the time to get everything worked out.

We had to first register our handsets physically with the networks in Korea. I can’t say I entirely understand what that means even though I was successful in getting a pre-paid card installed in mine before my family arrived. Of course, there are only certain shops that are capable of handling unlocking and registration and it just wasn’t easy to get there during working hours. My frustrations mounted when my first month of pre-paid expired and I went to the local phone shop to switch over to a monthly data plan. Apparently the network I was initially registered with was incompatible with the monthly data plan I intended to register for, so of course I had to get it reregistered. At this point, my wife had moved here and thankfully she was able to take care of getting our phones set up and ready.

I guess this is a pretty anti-climatic story but the long story short is that it IS possible to get a U.S. unlocked iPhone set up here, it just takes some time during normal business hours. Truth be told, if I wasn’t working, I’d have been able to get it straightened out a lot faster.

▶ History vs. Christopher Columbus

Chris Columbus and Columbus Day have risen in public consciousness since the first time I saw anti-Columbus graffiti as an undergraduate. I fall enough into the “don’t just history by modern standards” camp that I’m not ready to pick up a pitchfork against CC just yet but I also absolutely believe that we need to be aware of what he accomplished and the impact of his history on the world, both good and bad. The following video does a great job of hitting both sides of this discussion with a pretty common sense perspective. And then there’s the argument for Bartolomé as well. I don’t know if the shining light on Bartlomé de las Casa is deserved or not, but it’s nice to think so.


Status Quo October 4

Not a while lot going on, just same old, same old. Have moved out of training and am actually doing work in the new position which is a welcome change. Have been busy with some overtime the past couple weekends. We’ve got our first guests due to arrive in about 10 days so we’re rushing to get the final bits and pieces of the house put together. Have been riding my bike a bit more. Weather is cooling off and is fantastic biking weather, we’ll see how long it lasts until I’m whining about the tears caused by the brittle winter winds.

This post brought to you by a desire to avoid going long stretches without any activity. Salut!