Chuseok Ends

I’ve enjoyed the extra long Korean Thanksgiving holiday. Reduced our “stuff” in serious ways, both via a huge pile of trash and about 20 boxes of stuff (LOTS of books) for the garage sale coming up in a couple weeks. Took a couple bike rides and am ready for my first bike commute tomorrow. It’s getting cooler so we’ll see how well my natural insulation holds up. I’m very happy to be incorporating a 25 minute bike ride twice a day but I will miss the morning chats on the shuttle bus and the opportunity to catch up on some news podcasts. The sacrifices one must make.

The house is mostly unpacked and organized, I’d say it now looks more like a messy house than an un-unpacked one. Well there is the large exception of “my” room where I’ve got the computers and instruments. I promised to go through it during the holiday but somehow didn’t get to it. Maybe I can get it done by Saturday, otherwise it might not get done in time for the garage sale. It’s hard for me to give stuff up but I’m facing up to the reality that many of the projects I had planned just aren’t going to happen, especially in this lifestyle. And we have too much stuff to drag it all over the world every couple years. So I’m culling old computers and my academic library. There still are many activities that I’m struggling to let go of but it’s foolish, really, to keep clinging to the idea that I’ll devote the time to learning enough electronics to be able to tinker with stuff. It’s time to focus on the few things that I’m most interested in and let the rest go to someone who actually could make use of it.

In the meantime, I need sleep.

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