The Korean Adventure begins

So the Eminent Canine and I arrived in Seoul yesterday and made it through customs with only a minor hiccup. The vet didn’t include the official rabies titer results page (FAVN for those in the know) which caused a fair degree of consternation at the quarantine counter but they eventually relented based on the vet’s report which was based on the FAVN report. My fantastic social sponsors had the house reasonably stocked with food and snacks and they brought me a sausage pepperoni pizza to boot.  Stayed up late enough that I think I’ll able to avoid jet lag (although dodged a bullet after waking up at 3:00 AM; thankfully fell back asleep until 6:00 AM). Nice secluded house with a yard big enough to throw a ball around, yay!

Went to get my iPhone activated today but the office was closed, apparently in observance of Memorial Day here in Korea. Will have to wait until Monday to get my personal number set up.  I’d also hoped to get my badges for access on and off the base but that will have to wait until Monday as well since the Embassy was closed for Memorial Day. The Eminent Canine and I enjoyed just chilling out today, exploring the house and then taking a nice long walk through the housing neighborhood this evening. Ended up having American fast food today because I didn’t have any Korean won when I was at the food court at the shopping mall (the pajeon looked delicious!) and then the base tour of the food court coincided with lunch time, so that was that. Can’t wait to start eating off base though!

Not a whole lot to report otherwise. The Eminent family arrives next week with the Eminent Feline and then our stuff will be dribbling in from Africa, airfreight, and the rest over the next few weeks.  Hopefully I can keep any readers updated regularly, hopefully 2-3 times a week.

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