Happy Christmas Eve!

We just spent a fabulous evening with some friends of ours, enjoying delicious temaki-zushi, excellent whisky, and exotic teramisu all evening.  Since we punched into Dec 24th and we’re spending the evening tomorrow with friends, we decided to exploit a loophole in the Christmas Eve gift opening option. The Eminent Child got the tie-die T-shirt set she’s been wanting, the Eminent Spouse got a food chopper (not quite the food processor she wanted but not a bad second gift after a new mixer), and I got a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon. Clearly, I’m winning.

Because we’re having dinner with some friends tomorrow our traditional waffles and sausage dinner will be postponed till Dec 25th proper, but it makes a fitting final meal for us as they depart to Japan and I to the home grounds the day thereafter.

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