Hard working kid 12.12.2013

The Eminent Child missed ballet yesterday as the Eminent Spouse was under the weather. It wasn’t such a bad thing, though, as it gave her a chance to work on her plant project that all three of us had conveniently completely forgotten about over the snow days in spite of buying all the materials at the craft shop on Sunday.  She made a magnificent poster of a flower with all the parts labeled and a neat 3D element that you can pull off of the poster and examine in your hand.  It’s really well done and as far as I know, she did most of it herself. I helped her brainstorm but was careful to let her have executive decision making. I snapped one pic tonight but the glitter glue (yeah!) was still drying so we have to wait until tomorrow morning for the final shots.

Tomorrow the Eminent Spouse hopes to learn that her background check has finished and she’s cleared to start teaching next week.

And oh yeah, we’ve been married 15 years now. Huzzah!

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