Snow Days for All! (or I’m embarrassed for us all)

Today was a snow day for locals schools and the federal government, apparently out of fear of the “2-4″ of precipitation” forecast for the day. It ended up being a wet slushy day with roads that weren’t much different than a heavy rain, but for better or worse, I got another day with the family. We bundled up and trekked out for some better inclement weather gear for the Eminent Child who later shed tears when all the other kids were too cold to play with her. I guess not knowing how to drive in the snow is correlated with not knowing how to dress your progeny for playing in it either.

I was able to get a little bit of studying done but it’s just so hard with the family around. I don’t want to complain about family time as its extra precious to me but Korean study is proving so difficult for me, I almost wish I was alone here. I really underestimated how much free time I had in Abuja when contemplating language learning.

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