12.04.2013 Wednesday

Korean classes dominate my life but there is actually quite a bit going on. Since we’ve moved to the DC area in August, we’ve switched apartments, gotten a puppy who’s doubled in size (but still fits in a shoe box), temporarily taken on ANOTHER cat for a friend, gotten teaching jobs, had perhaps the best Thanksgiving meal ever, bought a car, sold a car (not the same car!), reunited with several old friends, made several new friends… It is such a whirlwind.

Right now the biggest thing on our plate is opening night of The Nutcracker Ballet. The Eminent Child is performing Thursday, Saturday (matinee), and Sunday (evening). Once that winds down, we’ll prepare for a weekend trip to NYC to see the Rockefeller tree. Beyond that, I’m not exactly sure what the schedule is going to be.  I was hoping to be able to visit the folks and friends back home for Christmas but that looks like it won’t happen now, unfortunately.  The Eminent Partner and Child will be in Asia after Christmas, if anyone wants to visit.

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