Goodbye Abuja

And just like that, 2 years is finished. The worst part of this job is dealing with the constant departure of friends, and this time it was me that was leaving everyone. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it might have been, perhaps because I'm prepared for it and then again perhaps just because the emotions associated with leaving are offset by the emotions associated with what's coming up. Maybe it's because I traveled out so many times I'm just not processing that I'm not going to see these people again for a long time, if ever. I did make fantastic friends there, in the Foreign Service, in our Armed Forces, and Nigerians. My Nigerian friends in particular I will miss, as they are unique and the odds are longer that I'll see them again.

I had an excellent tour in spite of the family separation. I learned so much abrupt Nigeria, about the Foreign Service, about reporting assignment and consular work. I'm even more excited for the future than I was when I joined because now I know that I really do love this job and that I'm good at it. Seoul is going to be a whole different ball game, of course, and there's the whole 9 months of intensive language training before we even get to that point though.

Few people read this blog and its unlikely that my friends will see this but I'm wish that they could know how truly and sincerely grateful I am for their friendship. We had fantastic times and made tremendous memories and I honestly won't forget them. And I sure hope we get to meet again…