An Eminent Silence

All three of my girls, the Eminent Wife, the Eminent Daughter, and the Eminent Feline, departed Abuja for the last time last Friday. The paperwork for the Feline came down to the last hour before the driver picked us up for the airport but we got everything done (including a last minute photocopy on a neighbor’s printer after the constant power outages blew mine up. So many wasted ink cartridges, grrrrrr……). They departed Abuja without incident but had a helluva time in Frankfurt when the Feline decided to go DevilCat on everyone and escaped from her carry-on case. It took a couple hours, threats by staff to call the apparently uber-expensive fire response team, and several scratches to get her calmed down and back in her case. But she made it on the flight and through customs without the 180 quarantine, so all’s well that ends well.

Today marks 4 weeks till my own permanent departure. Plenty of work to do, including a significant amount of writing as well as the standard rigamorole of checking out (changing magazine subscription addresses, arranging packouts, selling vehicles, selling personal goods, saying goodbye, final meetings, separating clothes and other household effects into three categories: vacation (2 suitcases)/ training (600 lbs for a year) / Korean (see everything else in a year!), and so on).  Busy busy!

And as a slight aside, I’m oh-so-excited to watch tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones. Several friends are watching but haven’t read the books and it’s going to be so much fun to see their reactions!