Sunday, December 9

A big reason I haven't posted much over that last month is that I've been fighting off a persistent illness for the last 3 weeks or so. It's kind of minor in that I'm not incapacitated or in need of hospitalization but its significant enough that I've missed a few hours of work a couple days a week recently. It started with waking up to a sore, achy body with a healthy dose of fatigue, the kind of thing that typically you can take a day or two off and bounce out of. But with everything at work, I couldn't take a full day off and could make it through the day with Tylenol and throat lozenges. But the sore throat kept getting worse, culminating in a loss of voice last week. I took the day off and didn't mask symptoms with Tylenol (which I think was ultimately making it worse since I was taxing my system) and finally feel like I've got my energy back.

It was frustrating because I'd been pretty regular with working out, tennis, and golf. I bought myself clubs for Christmas so I don't have to borrow clubs but wasn't able to use them until today. I'm a horrid golfer but we've got good people to play with. It's so nice just getting out on the course; not quite wilderness but its quiet and gets you walking for a couple hours, plus the mental element of golf is an enjoyable (if infuriating) challenge.

Between workouts, golf, beer making, at least one day of sleeping in, and the band, I don't have much down time on weekends at all anymore. I really enjoy playing music but it's getting the shortest attention. I don't want to give it up but sometimes wonder if its a selfish choice to keep up with it without committing to it. It's a bit irrelevant in the short term due to holiday travel by members, so we'll see what happens next year when we all settle back in.

The beer is going well but I've discovered that I like brewing and bottling but really don't care for cleaning the bottles prior to bottling. It's incredibly time consuming, especially the rinsing of the bottles. They need at least 3 good rinses and its just takes time to fill and empty a bottle, especially when you need about 50 of them per batch. I've got 3 batches ready to go though and have to just man up and do it. It's good timing, though, as they'll all have 5+ weeks of carbonation and conditioning by the time I get back. The feedback on what I've made so far has been positive and I'm feeling good about what the final 7 months have in store.

I'll be going home in a few days for about a month. The initial plan was for me to arrive after Christmas and we'd made plans for that but then I was able to get an earlier week schedule. The Eminent Child is still expecting me after Christmas though and I'm so so so so excited to surprise her. I should be able to get home before she gets home from school and I just can't wait to see how she responds to find me waiting for her.

That's pretty much what's happening, in a nutshell.