Back online – for now

My data plan on the iPad runs on recharge cards. A 1 month 5 gigabyte plan is 8000 naira, a little over $50. Charge cards are sold in 1500 increments, so I buy $60 worth of cards and use $50 of the credit each month. A couple weeks ago my credit expired so I loaded up the credits to discover that the page where I buy the data plan wouldn't load. I kept trying and trying without realize that in the background, I was checking email without a data plan, just using the basic credit. Needless to say, this is pretty expensive.

I finally get the data plan page to load a couple days ago but now I'm out of credits, but I got some more and now we are back in business. A for updates on me, I've started golfing as a great way to get out of the house. I'm terrible, as is to be expected for someone who's never golfed before, but the people I golf with are understanding and we all have a good time. I ordered some clubs of my own (merry Christmas to me!) that should be here in a couple weeks.

Wrk is going good. I've been here long enough now that I'm understanding how the job works and am getting into the flow of it. Meeting Nigerian contacts can be challenging as they do not always maintain appointments but that just goes with the territory. I've a ton of projects going on that keep me busier than I could ever want to be.

I am ready to my family again for sure. It's only been about 10 weeks this time but being apart from them is something that doesn't get easier over time or the more you do it. I'm pretty much wet to arrive home a week earlier than originally planned which should make for a good surprise for the Eminent Child. I'd wanted to surprise them both but had to come clean with the plan because of how much work the Eminent Wife puts in to helping schedule things. I'll have a nice final R&R then before returning to Abuja for the last time. Once I come back in January, I'll be here until July. The girls are planting to visit one more time then, and this will be everyone else's last chance to come down too!

Had the first bottle of beer made from grain. Seemed very tasty to me. I'll be bottling up some more later today.

I'm watching the Eminent Canine of friends who are out of town. It's nice having home around even though the Eminent Feline bullies him.



Wednesday November 1, 2012

Yet again time slips away and it's been weeks since an update. Not a whole lot going on with me though. Work is work and I'm getting better at the process and improving my writing. I've been busy making beer and my first batch is bottled. The whole process is so simple and straightforward, it's surprising more people aren't doing it. It is a bit time consuming, I suppose, with the brew itself taking about 7 hours from setup to cleanup and bottling taking a couple hours. I like it, as it gives me something to do by myself other than reading or looking at a tv or computer. I even like cleaning my equipment at the end of the day; it's makes for a nice satisfying resolution to the brew. And then nothing is as happy sounding as a fermenter bubbling away the next day.

I did go golfing last weekend which turned out to be a lot of fun. I hope to make a habit of it too. I'm still not putting in enough time on the rowing machine but tennis and golf has to help some, right?

This weekend my band is playing again. Sometimes I almost regret joining because the practices break up what would otherwise be a wonderful lazy weekend day but I have so much fun performing, it makes it worth it. I also reflect back on what I teach the Eminent Child about the value of practice and the sense of achievement one gets from investing time and effort to develop a skill or achieve a goal. I'm sure it will be a good night. Can't stay out too late as I've got a tennis game the next day. Not sure I'm ready to play with others but I'll just have to step up. Serves will be interesting.