Back in the saddle

No, I haven't shuttered this place. I have finished my summer R&R coupled with some training for my new position. I had hoped to continue to post updates about those adventures too but it didn't work out that way. I've got some good pictures of my time camping that I'll get up at some point. There is a video of the Eminent Child's piano recital and pictures of ballet on Facebook.

Now that I'm back I'm adjusting to the new pace of work in the Economic section. Consular work is busy but it is all immediate and not very deep. Economic work doesn't have that immediacy and requires better organization to keep track of the different projects and tasks. Consular work can mostly be done by yourself but Econ work requires more engagement with people, talking about what is happening locally or delivering information on behalf of the government. And the writing! There is so much more email and then of course cable writing. Organization is key to avoid losing track of something and having it fall through the cracks.

So I'm very busy but busy is good. I've been back for 2 weeks already but it barely feels like it. Thankfully time here seems to move faster than my time at home did. I'm getting back into our regular workouts. I'm committed to doing a ToughMudder with my brother and maybe some of out friends next fall. It's a long road for me from here to there and there isn't much time. But if I don't do it now, I never will.

I will be in Lagos this weekend for work meetings. I am a little nervous, I admit, about flying domestic airlines but it probably isn't any worse than traffic here and I'm in that all the time.

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