Sunday, July 1: The week in review

It’s been a busier than usual week for me, primarily because my boss is out and I’ve had extra responsibilities around the office. In addition to that, I had my bidlist due on Monday, the gig on Tuesday, and then the Eminent Canine was due to return home on Wednesday. On top of all that, we had additional security restrictions on embassy employees due to the precarious situation here and the threat that the violence in the north would trickle down into the capitol. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

The gig turned out great. We had a good turnout of people and we played better than we’d ever played before. Something about being on stage got me both relaxed and focused and I was able to hit all the bits we’d practiced. Lots of great feedback from people who genuinely seemed to have fun. I know I did.

The Eminent Canine’s owners got delayed on Wednesday due to airplane mechanical issues stateside. I learned that they actually did an emergency aborted takeoff after the nose wheel had lifted off. Took them 4 more days to get here which was fine with me and I really enjoyed having him around. The house is emptier for sure now that he’s gone.

I was looking forward to Thursday under the impression that it was the Venezuelan National Day. Don’t know how I mistook June 28 for July 5. Next week!

Friday was a big 90s themed party hosted by a friend of mine. Huge expat turnout with everyone dressed in 90s themes. I dug out a pair of ragged jean shorts, hiking boots, and a flannel. I also took a bunch of pictures that turned out pretty good I thought. The new flash I got works great. I set up my tripod thinking to have “photo corner” but ended up just walking around with it. If I’m going to do a photo booth, I need to set it up better with signs and stuff. I’ve seen where people have set up automated scripts so that you can take the picture and have it print right there which would also be fun to do.

Saturday I had a couple friends over for some table-top gaming. I bought a few new games that have gotten rave reviews and now its a matter of finding people willing and interested in playing. We only played Dominion and I could tell that it was going to be a hard sell due to the abstract nature of the game (it’s a deck building game that doesn’t really sound like much fun based on the description alone). I’d played on my iPad a few times and had a sense of how it works, although I did have a few details wrong that we eventually figured out and it made the game a lot more fun. I made a couple pizzas and I think everyone enjoyed themselves but the real test will be seeing if they come back again.

Today was just an off-day where I just lounged about, caught up on some episodes of the Daily Show, read a couple magazines, started reading “Wicked”, and played a little Xbox. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. Went out to a local bar to watch the final of the Eurocup soccer tourney. Sorry, Italy, and Congrats to Spain!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last week of interviews. Bittersweet.


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