Tuesday, 19 June

I can’t believe that its been a week since my last post. Time really flies by. Here’s some random notes on the last week:

I’ve working on my bidlist for the next tour, very exciting. I hope to be able to announce where I’m going next before I leave for my summer R&R and training in a few weeks. Even though I wasn’t able to bid on Japan, I’ve still got some incredible choices.

I’ve been watching the Euro 2012 soccer tourney lately and enjoying it quite a bit. International matches on this level tend to be better with respect to the despicable practice of flailing and flopping all over that turns me off the sport. It’s especially fun in an international community like we have here.

That being said, the pizza we had during the Germany-Denmark game was TERRIBLE. The menu said it was “pepperoni” but it turned out to be “pepe”. Nigerian food isn’t really all that interesting and they use a lot of extreme spices to spice it up. It reminds me of European history when the spice trade was such a big deal. Seeing a cuisinary culture that is unsanitary and rudimentary really shows one why a spice trade impacted world history. So these pizzas were essentially just crust, peppers, and cheese. I like spicy food and I like pepe but this was inedible. My lips literally went into convulsions and quivered for 15 minutes after eating just 2 slices of a 9″ pizza. I paid for it the next morning too, but I got off easier than my buddy who finished his pizza. I’m surprised he made it to work the next day, seriously.

I’m in an expat band and we’ve got a show next Tuesday. There’s a lot for me to learn and if I had another month of bi-weekly practices, I’d be really comfortable. As it stands, we’ve got 3 practices left. I think it will be okay and thankfully the community here is pretty friendly and not likely to be too critical.

I’m winding up the last week of the Eminent German Shepherd guest. He and the Eminent Feline didn’t bond as much as the Feline guest of last month did, but the EF has learned to tolerate him. He’s an incredible animal and I’ve really enjoyed having him.

Lastly, and perhaps most inanely, I bought some new flight shafts for my darts and they’ve changed my life. The shafts on the darts I bought were just molded feces that didn’t work. These new shafts, which cost about the price of a good pint of beer, are solid, hold the flights, and make it fun to toss darts. I was listening to Meat Loaf tonight and playing darts against myself just because it was such a pleasure to throw these after a year of playing with turds that fell apart in the air. These new shafts are so good, I robin hooded one of my darts tonight (testament to the throwing quality) and was able to bite the end back down and keep playing (testament to the build quality). Craftsmanship!!

And sub-lastly, I received shipment of a couple of European-style board games that I’m excited to play and just hope I can find people who are both friendly, competitive, and geeky enough to endure the learning curve for what I know are really fun games.

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