Skin blistering flies

After the workout yesterday, the top of my foot was pretty itchy. I knew I’d gotten bitten by something but didn’t think too much of it until I took my sock off today.


I’m pretty sure it was one of the skin-blistering flies that we hear about. I had a weird rash on the inside of my arm last February that looked like shingles at first, but then it blistered up and peeled away. I was traveling at the time so by the time I had the med unit look at it, it had started to heal up. The consensus was that I’d gotten squirted by one of the flies that release a blister agent when agitated. It looked a lot like this only just in a straight line. Because I was scratching and rubbing my foot, I smeared it all over the top. I think it will reduce the overall effect though. Hopefully.

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