Sunday, 10 June 2012

I’m surprised that time has slipped by so fast since my last post. Last week was a good one. We’ve got some TDY (temporary duty) officers joining us to help with some staffing shortages which has made a huge difference (in a way) with my workload. I still have 10 gallons of shit for a 5 gallon bucket every day and could probably work 12 hour days for a couple weeks to get caught up on everything, but having the extra help has let me unload a few responsibilities and just simplified the demands on my time.

I was able to get my travel arrangements for the summer mostly taken care of. I still need to book my hotel in DC and I’d like to change one leg of my trip back to Japan, but I will be able to head to Idaho and see family and friends for about 10 days, then to DC for training for a few weeks (including a side trip to Minneapolis for my 20th reunion, actually am really looking forward to it and hope that a lot of people show up), and then to Japan for a couple weeks. Obviously I’m excited about getting back to Japan, especially so this time because I will get to see both piano and ballet recitals.

Still assembling the bid list. Have pared it down to the posts we’re most interested in. Tomorrow I’ll do some last minute checking on pet policies and write up my short statements for each post and submit the draft bid list

Getting into shape is really hard when you’re as out of shape as I am. I’ve been doing modified crossfit workouts that are quite enjoyable but I’m so soft, there’s only so much I can do and it takes a toll. I go easy but there’s still (good) soreness for a couple days. The key is to not hurt too much or strain anything that then gets in the way of the daily workouts at home on the rowing machine.

Yesterday we had a full morning of interviews as overtime, then I did the workout, then went on the Hash, then dinner around the pool and on to a fellow diplomat’s party. We got the party late after everyone had moved on to the clubs so we followed along. I don’t particularly enjoy the club scene here but it was something different.

Of course, getting into the club is always a hassle. I didn’t realize we’d be going there and had on shorts and sandals and got hassled at the entrance. A friend of ours was there (she’s known to be connected politically and is a regular at the club) and we made inside into the back “VIP” section. All was well until I stepped out to go the bathroom and the bouncer wouldn’t let me back in. He let me out of the section 90 seconds before and I know he recognized me, but he hassled me. It’s SO loud in there conversation is completely impossible for me (I’ll store some earplugs in my truck for next time) but I went over to the other entrance and got in easy there.

Coming out, the guys who wouldn’t let us all wanted money for letting us in and then there were 6 or 8 guys wanting dashes for keeping my truck safe. Sometimes I’ll dash them something but I didn’t have any small bills. The bouncers who hassled us of course got nothing. My ears were ringing loudly from the music but I felt good. Got to talk to the Eminent Child and Wife when I got home for a bit before I started to drift off.

I was supposed to meet the bandmates for practice today and then was planning to make beer and have a couple friends over for pizza. But when I work up, my shoulder felt like someone had stabbed a knitting needle down my arm. Not a good way to start participation in a band, but I had to cancel that and ended up just lying in bed massaging my shoulders until late in the afternoon. After the soft tissue started to loosen up, I was able to get up and eat. I watched a couple episodes of Survivor and now I’m back in bed. Somehow its 10:30 already and I was ready for bed at 9:00

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