Dana air crash

It was a relatively uneventful weekend until the crash today. As best as I know, no one affiliated with the embassy community was involved. Makes one wary when traveling though, of course

It feels kind of disrespectful to talk about the standard mundane crap in my life following an event where 150+ lost their lives. I was feeling a bit under the weather today and didn’t make beer as planned. Yesterday was mostly good. I worked in the morning (we’re doing overtime on Saturdays to help alleviate the problems associated with our understaffing and the immense wait times for appointments) and went for a workout afterwards. The brother of a friend from orientation is doing some volunteer work in Nigeria and he joined us for the workout and BBQ afterwards.

The American Pale Ale I made first tastes ok but not great to me. The English Brown has a bit of a sour impression that settles down and is quite drinkable. I brought a Party Pig of it over to the BBQ and it seemed to be genuinely liked by people. I tweaked muscles in my back last weekend when I slipped while attempting a flip into the pool; I pulled an abdominal yesterday while doing a backflip. That’s part of the reason why I didn’t want to make beer today, even though I’m itching to try the new cooling system.


The Eminent Canine guest is doing well even though the Eminent Feline is still pretty antagonistic towards him. He is getting some good time out with a neighbor canine and he seems to have settled into the new environment quite well.


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