No Japan :(

The bid list has a bunch of Japan posts on it but I won’t be able to bid on them because I speak Japanese.  The key point when bidding on the second tour is selecting available bids where the timing involved in taking home leave and additional training deposits you right at the start of the second tour.  There’s a few weeks of wiggle room but not a whole lot.  

All of the Japanese posts are designed for 9 months or more of Japanese language training, but because I speak Japanese, I can’t take the language training and thus I’m ready to work several months before the jobs are open and available.  Kind of a bitter irony that I can’t go to Japan on the next tour because I speak Japanese. I was expecting this but it still was disappointing.  

But there are many other great posts that I hope to get.  Should know in about 6 weeks or so, I think.

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