Big holiday

We had a four day weekend due to the alignment of Memorial and Democracy Day. Beautiful weather on Sunday, phenomenally powerful thunderstorms at night. Nothing spectacular happened. I was going to go to Ghana but cancelled because I am taking care of my friends cat. The Eminent Feline and he have become great friends and I will miss him after his mom picks him up tonight. He meowed really loud sometimes though and I really recognized how silent the Eminent Feline is.

Bottled a dry-hopped IPA that tasted quite good going into the bottles. The dry hops made a mess in my bottle spigot and I ended up losing probably a 6 pack or so off beer as a result. Will have to experiment with muslin bags for dry hopping. Didn’t make another batch due to schedule conflicts and expected bad weather. Only a 3 day week this week though so perhaps this weekend. Need to start seriously shifting gears into all grain mode.

Although we are losing the visiting cat, we are getting a visiting dog for a few weeks. He’s a great German Shepherd and I’m really looking forward to having him even though the Eminent Feline is going to have some serious adjustments to do.



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