21 May 2012: Monday

I had heard a while back of a local band that was looking for a bassist but dismissed it for several reasons, the least of which was not the fact that in spite of the time I’ve spent on my guitar, I don’t really know how to play any songs. I just like to groove on it, more of a meditation than music. Then last weekend it dawned on me that I recognized a name and realized that several of my friends were associated with this group and I let myself get talked into giving it a go.

I’m actually quite excited about it even though I know I’m going to be putting myself under a lot of pressure to perform. Thankfully most of the music is pop type stuff that I should be able to get through without a lot of trouble, at least not as much trouble as if we were playing the music that I’d REALLY want to play. But its good music and it will be a lot of fun, for sure. Let’s just hope it works out, as the primary obstacle is the travel patterns. 5 or 6 expats in a diplomatic community means that odds are good that someone will be leaving here or there for some amount of time, if not permanently (hence the opening for a bassist).


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