Sunday, 20 May 2012

Today was a good day.

Got up and had a nice little conversation with the family.

Helped a friend put together some shelves. I like helping and I like building stuff, even if it just Ikea.

A friend had a brew kit of his own that he’s had for a long time, so he came over and I helped/showed him how to brew. His yeast was pretty old and I’m doubtful it will activate for fermentation, but I can repitch one of my packets if it doesn’t take off. Forgot to pull some beer in the beaker for measuring the initial gravity and it was too foamy to do it in the fermenter, but if I have to repitch, I can take a quick reading in a couple days.

While we were brewing, a few more friends stopped by. We hung out, made some beer, they fired up the grill and we had a nice BBQ feast with steak, ribs, kabobs, corn. A few people drove the XBox around for a bit. I enjoyed that because they are amateur racers, both with cars they built/are building for track racing. They not only appreciate a game like that more than more, they are pretty good at it too.

We played poker to close out the night. Good friendly game that fortunately didn’t go too late.

Ended the night just having a nice conversation with a friend on the balcony, enjoying one last drink for the day.

Maybe the finishing touch was finding a little gecko in the shower and giving it to the Eminent Feline to play with.

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