Turns out that the problem with my keyboard was dead batteries. It took a long time to come to that realization because it would still turn on, the light would pulse, and the iPad recognized it, just wouldn’t connect. But it seems to be working now, so that’s good.

My elbows hurt today. I made it to another crossfit workout yesterday. Low weight and only half the full workout was more than enough to bring me to muscle failure.

It’s been a good weekend so far, especially since I finally got a hold of my family. They were just busy and missed my calls and it was great to hear the Eminent Child’s voice. We had a nice going away party for one of us. I set up my camera and remote on a tripod for people to take portraits of themselves. It was working out until the rains came. I had hopes that people would loosen up more (and they would have) but the rains drove us inside.

My flash fell off my camera a few months ago when the I idiotically didn’t latch it. It seemed fine but I realize now that the “zoom” function has been damaged. I don’t do much flash photography but its needed at parties. Now that I’ve figured out the basics (i.e. don’t use it in manual-full power mode), the pictures look quite good and I will be doing more of it. I ordered a replacement flash, a concession to my austerity measures and debt reduction policies implemented at home.

Finally, I’m using Blogsy to blog on the iPad. Looks to be a well designed piece of software.

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