Thursday, May 3, 2012

No updates recently due to a combination of bad internet service and extreme busy-ness this week. My boss is at a training seminar and I’m top dog in the section (yay!). I enjoy it but there is SO much more work to do. I have to attend all of the meetings that require a consular presence and attend critical administrative issues. With our precarious security situation, I am also involved in any issues relating to the release of official messages to the American community in Nigeria. It’s been very interesting but very very busy and I’ve been in the office 12 a day this whole week.

Actually that isn’t perfectly accurate. Tuesday was Workers’ Day and observed as a national holiday here. I took 15 pounds of steak to some friends’ place and we had a proper barbecue. I had a bunch of drinks leftover from last weekends’ going away party so we had a delicious celebration of the workers of the world. A couple cigars and floating in the pool made it a well appreciated break.

Speaking of floating in the pool, have I mentioned the floating that I have? A friend of mine who was here when I arrived had a couple and I got some for the Eminent Family to enjoy during their visit. They are big inflatable chairs that are just prime relaxation. I often read in them.

Update on the PSA IPA: I was worried about the yeast but it kicked in nicely. Took a little longer to start than the other two but once it got goings it was so vigorous I could hear the gas escaping a few times a second. It is still bubbling nicely and I may have to postpone this weekend’s brew if it doesn’t settle down enough to rack to secondary. I will be bottling the American pale ale this weekend though.

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