Batch #3: PSA IPA

New Category! I forget who came up with Abrewja in reference to the homebrewing going on here, so unfortunately I can’t give credit.

Today I brewed my 3rd batch of beer in as many weeks. The first two have been so far, so good. The American Pale Ale will get bottled next week and the English Brown the week after. Today I made a “PSA IPA”, a dry-hopped IPA produced in support of men’s health issues to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Proceeds from the sale went towards some foundation and there was a nice little card inside pointing out that prostate cancer is 3X likely for men as breast cancer is for women. Get checked!

I am excited about this one because of the dry-hopping, where hops are added into the fermenter rather than during the boil/brewing process. I’ve heard good things about that. I’m a little nervous overall for this batch though because the yeast didn’t seem to rehydrate as vigorously as the first two batches. I did shake it up better in the fermenter though, so hopefully that offsets it.

I missed my OG by 4 points as well, 1.50 instead of the 1.54-1.60 the kit indicated was the target. I think that’s partly due to using too much water. I’ve got a crude measurement system at best and need to recalibrate. 7 gallons of starting water is too much. I did boil down more this week than last though. I also forgot to measure my OG last time but had enough left over after filling the fermenter this time to measure. I will definitely use less water next time.

Today’s brew got disrupted by a powerful later afternoon thunderstorm, but thankfully it hit right after the initial partial mash/steeping of the special grains. It was easy to just cover up and shut down for a bit while it passed, then fire up the boil, add the extract and hops, and move on. I was able to get it down to below 70 degrees as well, so there shouldn’t be any reverse pressure on the airlock this time.

I’m so excited to see how these are going to turn out! I’m fairly confident that they’ll be drinkable and I’m getting comfortable enough with the process that moving on to making my own all-grain recipes is going to be FUN.

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