Bad things happened today

At least 6 dead in coordinated newspaper office attacks in Abuja and Kaduna.

We have the best security apparatus in the world and we are just fine. I’m not worried, at least not any more so than any other day. This doesn’t really change a whole lot, as this kind of attack is always expected. But don’t worry about me, seriously, I’m safe.

No one has claimed responsibility yet but it bears the hallmarks of Boko Haram and their suspected ties to Al Qaeda-inspired groups. It’s a complicated situation here, but we’ve seen BH improve its technical sophistication in recent months, moving up from machine gun drive-by attacks to the suicide car bomb attack on the UN to the horrific assault on Kano a few months ago. They are pretty active in many ways and have attacked a variety of targets, including national police headquarters, churches, Western Organizations, and restaurants and bars.

Again, don’t worry about me. Thanks for thinking of me though.

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  1. J-Man

     /  April 27, 2012

    Thats pretty crazy. I didn’t see one thing about the attacks on the news. It’s independence day here, one of three I think. They/we are expecting some BIG fireworks over the next 48 hours.

    Out of curiosity, do you change up your driving routes and times going to and from work?

    • I think it hit BBC World. It was on the BBC world news headlines on the iPad BBC world news app and I heard from a few people that they’d heard about it. As for routes, for sure I mix that up. I think a lot of people don’t but we are encouraged to and I try to keep it changing. It’s only prudent, really.


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