Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My cough is feeling better today but I still went to see the med unit, just in case. I had a couple coughing fits yesterday that were pretty severe and reminded me of the environment that I’m in. It can be easier to get sick here and I’ve gotten comfortable enough I might be complacent. Doc said I’ve got a bit of fluid in the lungs but nothing that can’t be fixed with some pills the size of my thumb.

I had ambitious plans for the evening but was surprised at how long it took to all put together. I left work around 6:00 and immediately got to work. I wanted to mix up some pizza and bread dough, then fry up the kabob meat I marinated yesterday with some peppers and onions. The big beautiful peppers I bought cost about $4 each but its worth it to put them on pizza or in fajitas. The original plan was for pizza last Saturday but I wasn’t feeling up to preparing everything so I punted to today.

While the meat and veg were frying up, I mixed up a batch of flour tortillas as well and feasted on homemade fajitas with mango-habanero salsa. Wish I could say I made the salsa too.

That ate up a bunch of time but left me with a little bit to watch an episode of Survivor, shower and be in bed by 10:30. I didn’t do a good job getting good sleep for the first few months I was here. That was one of the best things about my family visiting me and me going home: regular sleeping hours with sufficient bedtime. I’m working hard on getting more sleep as it really makes a difference (durrrhurrr).

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