The Beloved Brits

I’ve been busy lately catching up on things that have piled up while I was away, so I have been ignoring some of the social events announced from time to time. I almost missed “International Night” at the British Village today; thankfully a few friends clued me in and I was able to make it. A good night just hanging out with a multi-mission group of people. I always kick myself later on for not making more of the opportunity to meet other people at these things though. It seems like I always end up with people I know. Obviously that’s because I enjoy my friends, but its a wasted opportunity to meet other folks.

The British Village has a nice setup, a covered outdoor seating area with a bar and TVs as well as an indoor area with some table games like foosball and maybe a pool table. I’ve been tempted to join but am not sure I’d get off my duff to go hang out down there. Perhaps if I was a bigger soccer fan. I know that they watch rugby but I don’t do a good enough job keeping up on the schedule.

Tonight a strong storm blew in just after I arrived. It was quite pleasing to sit out and feel the mist and wind and see the flashes of lightning and feel the peals of thunder. It had lifted and mostly dried by the time I got home.

I left around 9:30, early for me, as I tend to be one of the last to leave. I’m quite committed to getting good sleep, though, and headed home before the night had even peaked, I think. It was nice to get home and relax without thinking about how much coffee I needed to prep to make it through the day tomorrow.

Had a little chat with the family and a quick shower and now its off to sleep.

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