Saturday, April 14

First weekend back from break: status report.

The Eminent Cat appears to have forgiven me. She snuggled up for luvs this morning and had a good long pet while sitting on my chest. She still is a little standoffish but I no longer fear much retribution from her. Not sure what I’m going to do with her during my next long absence; most likely will just have my steward feed her and care for the litter box and just let her have life on her own.

Went to Marine House party last night.  Good relaxing evening with friends. Smoked a tasty cigar for most of the night in the back yard and just hung out.

Worked an extra shift this morning, a so-called Super Saturday.  We still have a very long wait time for visas, one of the longest in the world, and we’re doing everything we can to reduce it, including an occasional Saturday shift. It’s a priority on many levels but the fundamental fact is that we’re severely understaffed and it takes time for the bureaucracy to adjust to that.  Things will be in shape by the time I leave Abuja and I hope that I can make a difference during the remaining time I have in the section.

Was a little tired today after being up later than I’d grown accustomed to while home so I took a nap after work. I’d intended to make some chili as well as pizza and bread doughs but didn’t get to it before people came over for a card game.  I really prefer a maximum 8 people for cards but there’s so much interest its hard to keep it small at times. We ended up with 11 interested parties today but ultimately only 6 showed up to play: perfect!  Good fun night of cards with good friends. I took the leaves out of my table and broke out the poker felt top.

I’m about to fall into bed and was just looking over the big new hard drive I bought when I was home. Tomorrow’s projects are to set up the new backup system and consolidated all the data I have into one large, reliable system and to brew some beer.

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