Hell hath no fury like a feline scorned…

I have arrived safe and sound back in Abuja. The first thing I did was go to pick up Sugar who’d been staying with a neighbor. I expected a warm reception but she FREAKED out on me when I tried to pick her up. Initially she just kind of mewed and wanted down, but then after we gathered up her stuff and it was obvious we were on the move, she clawed the hell out of my hands and screamed like it was an exorcism. She retreated to the top of a bookshelf and growled and hissed at both of us, so I left her at the Eminent Neighbor’s for an extra day and we finally got her back home today. She still gave me a hiss after letting me pet her when I got home today but I think we are friends again. The new batteries I brought for her laser also seemed to earn me some points.

A pipe broke in my apartment while I was gone but the Eminent Neighbor and Steward got my stuff off the floor with only minor carpet damage. The carpets have since been replaced and life has returned to normal. I didn’t have jet lag, thankfully. I do really enjoy my job and it’s nice to be back on the line and with my friends. I love being behind the wheel of my beloved behemoth again. I miss my girls, of course, but there’s nothing to be done but just buckle down and start ticking off the days. I am not one to start a countdown as that just emphasizes the time for me. It is going to be 4 or 5 months until I see them again, but as long as I stay busy the time will evaporate.

I have some new equipment for brewing that hopefully is sufficient to finally let me get starts with this boondoggle. In fact, I’m going to test it out now and if it works, will have my first brew this weekend.

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