Finishing up in Japan

Tomorrow night I’ll catch a late evening train to Tokyo to fly out to Abuja. The Eminent Child has started Third Grade™ but only half a day today.  She woke up early this morning and we had a good breakfast, just the two of us since the Eminent Mother had departed for work herself by that time.  After breakfast we had just a nice snuggle on the couch, not talking, just sitting there together enjoying the moment.  It was very precious and special.

Yesterday we had perhaps a perfect day.  We spent the morning working on her rollerblading and made good progress. We’d wanted to spend more time practicing but the weather has been so crappy that it just wasn’t feasible. I don’t think that we had enough practice to really give her enough momentum to continue on her own but it was a good experience nonetheless. Afterwards we spent a good portion of the day just vegging out playing Super Smash Bros. In the mid-afternoon we switched over to watch the Japanese national gymnastics Olympic qualifier. EC’s gymnastics coaches were competing but unfortunately didn’t make the cut (one of them qualified through the first 4 events but dropped out of qualification by the end). We closed the night watching a <a href=””>highly entertaining Japanese TV show whereby famous people spend 2 hours hiding from “hunters” who stalk them with Terminatoresque determination</a>.  It’s good fun and we had a blast.


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