Braindeath in US leadership

Braindeath in US leadership

A friend of mine works, or did until recently, as a futurist and strategic intelligence analyst. He aimed to identify trends and developing factors that would be relevant to businesses and governing bodies interested in staying ahead of the curve and avoiding falling behind. But he’s quit now, and as that article explains, he is giving up simply because the market has evaporated. No longer is leadership interested in hearing from knowledgable sources in order to develop an educated position based on facts and expertise. Instead, they refuse to acknowledge trends that don’t fit their preconceptions and are only looking for “expertise” that reinforces their established notions.

I’m sure that EVERYONE isn’t this closed minded and fearful, but enough of the world has reached this point that he feels he can no longer contribute. He’s got some interested thoughts regarding corporate consolidation and the effects of expanded bureaucracy as well (see video at the end).

Two thoughts that came to mind immediately was that general sense of fear that pervades modern life these days.  Everyone is afraid of everything, be it terrorists, financial collapse, jobs, the government, the Republicans/Democrats, or whatever.  Secondly, the trends that Eric mentions in business leadership are trends that we’ve been seeing in the news (see Fox News’ use of “experts”) and government (UK government’s attempts to fix data in support of an Iraq invasion and the Bush administration’s willful disregard of opposing viewpoints in the lead-up to the Iraq war as two blazingly obvious examples). It is bad enough when its in the general media and government, but there was hope that at least the business community would remain grounded enough to resist succumbing to the fear/fearmongering that have infected public discourse.  If Eric’s experience is accurate of the larger community, it’s a tragic demonstration that it hasn’t.  

This doesn’t bode well for the future of our nation, alas.

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