My little butterfly

Happily standing in a cold wind watching the Eminent Child at swimming lessons. She’s working on the butterfly now and has passed crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke. Once she finishes this course she will then work on qualifying at 50 meters for all strokes. She’ll learn turns as part of that and her swimming education will be complete.

They started out with styrofoam floaties tied around their waists but now she is free and clear in the water. She is pretty strong in her legs and I’m watching her run over kids during warmups. She does need more upper body strength for gymnastics though and I have faith she will build that up once she gets enrolled there.

Last night she started the 3 day backflip course. For a rank beginner she did good. Ballet has helped with flexibility and the ability to do a bridge with her back arched and hands and feet on the floor.

The gym is great too with fun but disciplined coaches. A few of them will compete in Olympic qualifiers in a few weeks. One of them just joined the gym a couple weeks ago after finishing college. He went to school in Sendai, one of the closest cities to the earthquake last March. He mentioned that he lost 3 people in the tsunami. He’s from the greater Tokyo area so it wasn’t family and it sounded like classmates. I didn’t really know what to say to that.

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