I survived Lagos!

I have returned to Abuja!

My trip to Lagos was a good one. It would have been nice to have more time but I’ll get back there again some time. I got to see some old friends and made some new ones. Work there was nice. The facilities there are much bigger than Abuja which means it’s much quieter there. This makes the interviews easier to conduct and less tiring. I truly enjoyed the time there and am grateful for the opportunity.

I did have a brush with disaster on Wednesday night. I was focused on the oncoming traffic as I crossed the street and failed to notice the 2 foot deep, 18 inch wide gutters that run down the sides of the street. I was *this* close to stepping right into it but my foot brush the short curb around it just enough to get me to step over. Had I stepped in it, there’s no doubt I would have obliterated my knee, likely shattered my ankle, and broken leg bones. I probably would have messed up my arms too and maybe even broke my face. I likely would have ended up medevaced, I think, with surgery and weeks of rehab. Maybe I overplayed it in my mind but it really would have been terrible, a life defining and altering event, methinks. In any regard, I avoided it, but I couldn’t get it off my mind. Life is a game of inches, eh?

Thursday night I sat out with friends on the terrace overlooking the bay or lagoon when an impressive squall blew in. There was something quite enjoyable about watching a thunderstorm outside. I also discovered that a friend from the embassy was also in Lagos for a couple days and he and I enjoyed the waterslide and saline pool at the hotel. Good times.

It’s nice to be home and sleep in my own bed with my own pillows and the Eminet Pet is clearly happy to have me back. I hope she doesn’t get too upset when I move her to a friends when I travel home in a bit.

I’ll try to get pictures up soon.

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