Scotch Tasting

Last Saturday a buddy of mine and I made good on our talk about having a scotch tasting. The challenge was trying to figure out who to invite. That endeavor quickly turned into a question of who not to invite and in a small community like we have here, that wasn’t very much fun. We ended up pretty much inviting everyone in the end.

The other question he and I went back and forth on was whether to have a blind tasting or not. I’d shared some of my better scotches with a friend who visited from Poland a few months back and we enjoyed comparing known scotches side by side. I relented and we went with a blind tasting this time though and I’m very glad that we did.

We ended up with 15 scotches and 12 tasters. There were close to 20 people there all in so we congregated on the roof of my building beside the pool. We took about 2 hours to go through all 15 with a dram of each for all. It was pretty surprising to experience. I did pretty good on the single malts but failed to heed the rule of Never Second Guessing. I was more surprised at how good even the cheap blends were. They weren’t as good as the single malts and were easily identifiable as blends, but they weren’t as bad as I remember them. My first time drinking Johnny Walker Red I puked on the beach at NIC. Horrendous, vile stuff, I remember.

DSC 1775

DSC 1793

DSC 1808

DSC 1800

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