Photos of Abuja

I finally finished sorting out most of the corrupted photos, ending up with about 20,000 good photos and 12,000 bad ones. Now that I’ve got the general photo archive usable, I’m working on getting some of the pictures I’ve taken up for you all. One problem here is that Nigeria in general is pretty phobic of pictures, especially if you’re just ambling about taking snapshots. With the security situation here, it’s important to have another person or two with you when you’re out in public, but I have yet to find someone who is interested in playing wingman while I look for photos and take time to meet people to warm them up for shots. I have found that once you make friends, they can be very friendly and eager for pictures, but you have to make that personal connection. I’ve got some shots of the Eminent Child at a craft village that demostrate this nicely.

But we start with just some general pictures of my neighborhood:

South to West to North:

DSC 0125

DSC 0126

DSC 0127

Northeast to Southeast:

DSC 0130

DSC 0135

You can see the prominent Aso Rock in the background here.

Finally, due south, including my truck and some photogenic construction. Everything here is built with concrete blocks.

DSC 0137

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