My reading list 2011

I don’t know why I don’t care for the flurry of “Top 10” lists that saturate pop media at the end of every Gregorian calendar cycle and I suppose its a bit hypocritical, self-indulgent, and maybe even downright narcissistic to post my list of books read in 2011.

  1. Fool Moon (Dresden #2): Dresden files are a weird first person noir pulp fiction tale of magic and mystery. Oddly enjoyable.

  2. Akira Vol 1: Extremely overrated, at least for $18 I paid for this first volume. Maybe the whole story comes together later on but I’ll read this at a library if at all.

  3. Y: Last Man. Deluxe Vol 1: I’d heard great things about this graphic novel but was underwhelmed. Again, perhaps something worth reading at a library or as a gift.

  4. Neuropath (Bakker) : This was recommended by a trusted friend. Sci-fi premise associated with neurologic implants but not far off from today. Disturbing story though. Recommended

  5. Traffic: This got a lot of media attention when published and turned out to be worth it. It might not seem to be the most exciting topic but it was enjoyable and interesting. I learned quite a bit about driving, what makes a good driver (and why we are all worse than we think), and how design affects traffic.

  6. Liar’s Poker: Michael Lewis’s tale of bond sales on Wall Street. Not only educational and informative, but entertaining as well

  7. The Big Short : Best book I’ve read on the collapse of the housing market. Same author as Liar’s Poker and also Entertaining, Educational, and Informative.

  8. Stranger in a strange land: I loved Starship Troopers and Moon is a Harsh Mistress but was disappointed in this one. I just couldn’t accommodate the all-powerful abilities of the protagonist.

  9. Tokyo Vice : Good book written by an American reporter for a Japanese newspaper on the crime beat. Looks at the redlight district and criminal underworld.

  10. Dancing on the Brink : Written by former ambassador to Nigeria, good look at the history and current state of politics in Nigeria

  11. The Village : Recommended by a Marine friend of mine. The story of a platoon of Marines in Vietnam who stayed in a village for a year or so. An aspect of Vietnam that isn’t well known. Good war memoir both in the accounts of the combat they had as well as the concept behind the tactic of stationing US forces in a village.

  12. Game of Thrones (Song of Fire and Ice #1) : I watched the first season on HBO before reading. Great adaptation of the book, but of course the book was more enjoyable. I went on to read books 2 and 3 almost immediately

  13. REAMDE : Neil Stephenson’s newest, more of a thriller than the dense historical fiction ala Crytonomicon and The Baroque Cycle. Takes place in Idaho in parts and incorporates a good bit of MMORPG. Loved it.

  14. Swampful of Dollars : Written by a brit, looks at the corruption associated with Nigeria’s oil industry.

  15. Methland : Good look at the methamphetamine epidemic that so many of us know in one way or another.

  16. Where Men Win Glory : Good biopic of Pat Tillman. The author clearly fell in love with his protagonist but did a good job writing about his life and death.

  17. The Tiger : My mom gave me this true story of a man eating Russian tiger. Good story that delves into the lives of people on the forgotten edge of civilization. I gave it to the guards on the compound as they don’t have much to do but listen to the radio, chat with each other, and read the Bible. Not that there’s anything wrong with those activities, but I wanted to give them something new. I don’t think they’d enjoy most of the non-fiction or fantasy that I read though.

  18. Clash of Kings (Song of Fire and Ice #2)

  19. Storm of Swords (Song of Fire and Ice #3): More about the collapse of the Seven Kingdoms. Very enjoyable.
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  1. Josh

     /  January 17, 2012

    You must be planning on reading Steve Jobs this year?

  2. Funny you mention that. I was holding off on SJ until the price dropped but I broke down and bought it on the Kindle just the other day. I’ve got a couple others (quite a few actually) on deck, but I’ll get to it this year, I’m sure.


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