Christmas bombings

We heard about the bombings that happened over the holiday and took note of them, but I didn’t really think that they were as bad as I was expected. There is constant violence in this country, be it Boko Haram, smaller local groups fighting back and forth, or flooding or something that kills people. Boko Haram bombed a local bar last year around this time and we knew something was likely. I wasn’t expecting these attacks to make headlines around the world though.

Everything here is fine. The closest (and worst) attack was about 20 miles outside of Abuja and the rest were farther north. There is tightened security in the city with more checkpoints and government buildings with restricted access. The embassy security staff keeps us informed and we are all being vigilant and extra careful. I do expect more attacks to come over the final week of the year but hopefully they will be interdicted or at least minimally damaging. The people in this country suffer enough without bombs going off.

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