Doesn’t feel like Christmas

Christmas is in three days and it feels like Labor Day weekend is coming up. The weather here is hot but not unbearably so. We are into the Harmattan season and the sky is full of dust which seems to have a cooling effect. The nights are cool and quite pleasant, if it wasn’t for the dust. Swimming pools don’t hold their heat though and the last few days of the girls’ visit, it was impossible for me to enjoy the water.

I’ve gotten a few Christmas cards and the girls set up a little tree. But without family and the social background, it is difficult to come to terms with the calendar year. I’m not upset about missing Christmas with family though, as we’ve had such luxurious Christmas’s in the past, it would be disappointing to try to recreate that magic. My Christmas present was the last 3 weeks with the girls, and the bank knows I’ve bought enough gadgets and toys for myself this last year.

I’m hoping to get out of town for the weekend with some friends but Nigeria being what it is, it is hard to know if the plans will come together. We had to get permission to travel from the security office so we couldn’t put down a reservation deposit on the rooms. By the time we got our deposit, the people and schedule had changed. You can’t just go online or even call some place and make a reservation here. It takes literally a couple days just for a single communication cycle (as in “We propose something, hotel proprietor responds”) after which someone needs to physically go to a bank to deposit funds in an account, let the hotel know we did it, wait for them to go confirm it, and then finally get back to us. At any time someone else could be doing the same thing, in which case there’s an excellent chance we’d just lose our deposit. In fact, one of the messages during the discussion of refundability of deposits (short answer: NO!) was that we should just consider a lost deposit as a charitable donation during this season of giving.

If we can’t get out of town, there will be plenty of things to do. I should put a calendar up on my dartboard for a while just to pound it into my head that 2012 is only a week away.

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