Armageddon has arrived

That’s what I’m thinking of calling my car, actually. I went down to the warehouse yesterday and watched them bring it out of the container. It was too wide for the ramp and tires squealed all the way down, but other than that, not a scratch.  Tie-downs have been known to snap, resulting in the vehicle rattling around inside the container all the way across the ocean. Thankfully nothing remotely close to that happened here.

The frustrating thing was that we’re required to carry Nigerian insurance but we can’t register it until we gain physical possession. Our shipping department was on top of it and tried to get it done in time for us (a buddy’s vehicle arrived on the same boat into Lagos and the same truck up from there to Abuja) but we couldn’t drive them home yesterday.  It all come together today, though, and one of the shipping guys offered to go over, gas it up, and park it at the embassy for me. I had a late night working and it was so very very nice to be able to clamber inside my beloved machine, load up the mp3 cd changer, and drive home.

I feel like I’ve finally arrived in Nigeria. What a wonderful birthday present, eh?

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