More info on the UN attack and Nigerian domestic problems

This article has an overheard photo showing the distances between the US embassy and the UN compound.

The BBC has some photos of the aftermath.

Here is information about Boko Haram, the domestic group responsible for several recent attacks and the prime suspect for this attack.

Background on the city of Maiduguri, where Boko Haram is from.

Jos is a current hotspot. It blew out of control after the election, with a lot of killing and burning of houses and businesses, but it still sees regular violence that just doesn’t make the news outside the country. I was able to visit there a couple weeks ago. The guy we met with said that the city itself was safe but the outlying areas were not. People were still attacking families at night. My co-worker explained that Jos used to be a great place to visit because its higher up and thus cooler than the lowlands, with a languid pace and good cheap food. It was really a nice place, she said, before they ruined it.  I did shoot a bunch of pictures from inside the car that I’ll upload once I get my cable for my camera.

I don’t know how detailed your interest is, but here’s some info on the tensions within the country.

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