Settled in

I believe that I can say I have finally settled in.  Last weekend was a great time spent with my neighbors at dinner parties, my coworkers at big open house/pool parties, and relaxing at my apartment just enjoying the weather.  I’ve spent quite a bit of money getting here, being a regular Amazon user for the last 6 weeks but now I’ve got everything that I either needed immediately or didn’t even have at all. I’ve got a pretty well equipped kitchen with enough utensils to make most everything I’d want to eat.  I got a full size keyboard today so I can enjoy actually writing again and don’t have to sit hunched over the laptop.  Gotta buckle down and pay for everything now…

My Household Effects have arrived in Belgium and should be enroute to my apartment soonish. My car is sitting on a dock in Lagos, most likely going to take 6-8 weeks to get up here, but its getting closer.  I’m doing good living alone but am tired of not having anything other than my computer and AFN for mindless entertainment.  I’ve got a few books (see the previous comments about Amazon…) but sometimes you want to just veg out.  It will be nice to get my TV/DVD/Xbox set up, plus I’m very anxious to get my rowing machine.

I’ve met a lot of people and will have plenty to do once I get my vehicle: poker, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, boxing, the local Hash, lots to choose from.

I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the job itself and the visa adjudication process.  It’s a bit taxing at times but it does make the time fly. There was always a bit of self-induced stress associated with a desire to pull my own weight and now that I’m feeling more comfortable with the process, that stress is alleviated. Not having to bother my colleagues every 3 minutes (it’s down to about every 8 minutes now) helps too.

I miss my family terribly but there’s nothing that can really be done about it so I just try not to dwell on it.  I get to talk to them on weekends and the rest of the week moves so fast that I don’t really notice it.  The lifestyle of Japan helped too as I’d often not get a chance to talk to the Eminent Child for a couple days on end due to my early departure/late arrival habits. I do miss my train commute though.

About the only important thing left to deal with is internet access.  I pay about $10/gigabyte with pre-paid cards and its KILLING me, far and away my greatest expense since arriving.  But a friend at work gave me a new and unused modem that I’ll get activated later this week and then it will be about $75 a month for unlimited usage. It won’t be the fastest access but at least its unlimited.

Life is good.

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