Weekend update: Curry, crafts and crappy weather

Last night I cooked up a mean curry, using up all of the veggies in my fridge that I was afraid would spoil if I didn’t cook them.  Cabbage, beans, carrots, peppers, potatoes; I did forget the onions but that’s fine because I barely had enough space for the chicken, curry powder, and water. I took pictures but because I didn’t bring my camera cable with me, I can’t share them yet.

My upstairs neighbor had invited people over to see some of the furniture that she’d bought from a local craftsman. He brought many more items for display. They were phenomenally beautiful. Dark wood, carved with animals and geometric patterns.  Some of the tables had carved masks inlaid with beads. All very very nice and reasonably priced. It was still expensive but it was high quality and worth the cost. I didn’t even consider buying anything though; that’s for the Eminent Wife. I talked him into coming back in December so she can take a look at it and decide if she wants anything made for us.  I suspect she will.

This furniture display turned into a real party, with drinks, snacks, and homemade pizza (huzzah!!). I met another couple whom I’ve known by reputation and have had a couple interactions with at work, so it was nice to be able to have opportunity to get to know them. Very cool people, all of my neighbors, and I’m really fortunate to have gotten assigned to this compound.

I slept late today after a late night of socializing and was finally able to sample the curry I simmered all evening.  It’s so damn good, I don’t know what to say.  It’s pretty easy to make good curry when you have good curry powder though. The care package from Japan last week really stocked up my larder in that regard.  (Speaking of care packages, the pretzels my dad sent were a big hit. I didn’t want to share, to be honest, but figured it was worth the loss of a few pretzels in order to establish a good neighbor reputation.  Having a second bag in reserve made the decision a little easier too).  I put in a few of the local red peppers and this curry is vegetable filled, spicy, chickeny goodness.  I have to make a new pot of rice tonight though.

It’s been overcast lately, rather nice weather really, with occasional rain.  Today I could see the sun shining on the courtyard and blew up one of the pool recliners and traipsed upstairs for an afternoon float.  One of my neighbors was swimming laps, eliminated the thought of relaxing on my floaty with a book, but worse than that was the ominous grey sheet on the horizon.  It felt like I was standing in the middle of a yin-yang, with sun and beauty on one side and The Nothing from Never Ending Story on the other.  I sat in a lounger chair for a little while reading but eventually the storm blew me away. Should have gone up earlier.

Other than that not much going on this weekend. I did cut up and tape a couple of boxes together to make a playground for Sugar. One of my colleagues picked up a couple kittens last week and mentioned they made one for them. There is one more kitten available as well, I hear, and I’m debating on picking it up.  Sugar and I are getting along pretty well alone and having two animals duplicates the hassle and expense of travel, so there’s plenty of reasons for not expanding the menagerie. We’ll see what happens.

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  1. J-man

     /  August 23, 2011

    The pretzels are a good way to maintain relationships…the ones you hope to maintain and others you don’t care so much about. Like you, I always give one bag away and keep one for myself (although it usually lasts less than 3 days) and keeps me from having to eat dinner at least one night. I have got plenty of “your dad is the man” type comments over the last few years.

    You may have answered this question in a previous post but I don’t want to back read to find it. Where or how did you come up with the name “Sugar”? I have a good idea……..


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