H-Bomb in New York

I’m in Times Square at the moment, hanging out on the 27th floor with Sugar, my beloved cat. We’ve packed out of DC and made it to New York; Sugar’s ability to move onwards to Nigeria is in question though. But before I delve into that, I want to celebrate meeting my good friend H-bomb here in New York.

H-bomb and I met in the introductory anthropology class that hooked me into anthro for 15 years and set the foundations for this gig I’m on now.  We hung out a couple times while I was in Duluth and then mostly just kept in touch via email during the remainder of college. I didn’t hear from her for a long time but then reconnected thanks to the magic of facebook. We played some online scrabble for a while and got caught up on each other’s life and family but I’m such an atrocious scrabble player that experiment eventually withered and died (my ongoing chess games with J have thrived in spite of my .25 winning percentage over the last 10+ years).  But we still kept in peripheral touch and I was happy to learn that she’d be available during my brief passage through NYC on my way to Nigeria.

H-bomb was one of those people that just clicked as a friend.  Looking back, I don’t really think we spent all that much time actually hanging out together yet I’ve always felt like she was one of my closest friends.  I missed her during the time we’d lost touch and was happy to find that we still got a long great in spite of all the time that has passed. I just wish I was a better scrabble player.

In life, there just are those people that you know are good for you.  I’m not one to believe in reincarnation or that type of thing but I can see where people would think that relationships in previous lives could be responsible for the ease with which we find ourselves with certain people.

All I know is that I was lucky to meet H-Bomb in college and we’ve kept in touch over the years and now, we got to meet again.  I like having good friends, especially those that just feel like natural affines.  Knowing that you’ve got good people out there for you makes not only makes life a little easier, it makes it more fun.

It’s important to remember this as I depart from my beloved A-100 classmates, many (most?) of whom I possibly will never meet again. Even if we don’t meet, I know they are still good friends. I can’t imagine ever needing to call on them for anything but the knowledge that they are there just feels good.  And while it may seem like we’d never get to meet, you never know when paths will cross.

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